by riled

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released May 7, 2016




all rights reserved


riled Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: i got shot 5300 years ago
dug me out and asked how'd i get stuck down here
some fella took aim
his arrow got me
and here we are now after all these years
after these years
how could you do that man i got kids to feed
they're all alone at home while i sit and bleed
this don't look good
this don't look too good
i'm sure you went on home to brag to your entire family
but now you're long gone and i'm the key to the human races ancestry
Track Name: creepy crawlers
close the doorway leading to your head
slide under the comfort of your bed
but the window's left open
and who's to tell just what might crawl in
you always say you've got it so hard
but i'd say you got just what
Track Name: reckless river
it started calling
calling out to me
its all i hear now
its all i see
won't get out of my head
won't leave me be
there's this reckless river that carries me
in a careless current towards the sea
Track Name: greyhound therapy
the bus rolled in
all big and mean
says he wants
his streets clean
but my signs up
my cups laid out
and its nice and warm
don't take me away
i'll be good again some day
just down on my luck
could use a buck
or anything
if you push me out this way
i'll just come back another day
Track Name: serial
he asked if we'd start going together
side by side forever and ever
ain't this so nice
ain't this so nice now
and he says he's got something to show you after school
and he takes your hand and you try and play it cool
and you say to him you mean the world to me
and he says to you girl i'm the last thing you'll ever see